Johnson Trilogy: Fifteen Days In May

Jason doesn’t respond, he never responds, he just stares into the space through his bright blue eyes.

When the Rhodes family is murderered, the mystery remains unsolved for almost 3 decades.
The last surviving member of the family, Jason Rhodes has been quiet ever since that fateful day and no one knows why.
Wallis and Johnson are on the case again as they set out to solve the mysteries from the past and present, and get the answers they require.
Fifteen Days In May is the second book by Graham Mcquade in the Johnson Trilogy.
This one was so much more enjoyable than the first one (which does not mean I didn’t enjoy the first book, I just like this one better in comparison).
This felt more, personal and I was more invested in the because from the very beginning all I wanted to know was, ‘what happened to Jason’.
Unlike the first book where I spent a lot of time waiting for something interesting to happen, this gave us a lot right from the very beginning.
For a huge part of the story I also wondered when we’ll get to see (or read about?) Margaret and Jonathan again because it took so long for them to join in (more than 10 chapters later) I was starting to wonder whether I misunderstood their significance in the story. πŸ˜…
But, just like the last book we get a lot of adventure and action but the mysterytakes the cake.
Although I did find it a bit boring and mundane in certain areas (what I like to call skimmable content, if you dare take the risk), the overall story was fascinating and we’ll written.
It’s definitely a step up fromthe first part and I hope that the final part of this trilogy does not disappoint because when you’re on a journey with characters for do long, you feel attached to them.

Rated 9/10
Melina L. πŸ¦„

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