Seeing Things In Black and White

I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, and didn’t understand the power of being black until I was placed in an environment where black wasn’t predominant. It was then that I realized just how beautiful black truly was…

Seeing Things In Black and White by Antoine K. Stroman is the story of a young black man as he walks through life witnessing how the world treats him and those like him because of race.
This story begins from the 90s and carries on to the present day
I’ve had the chance to read a lot of books on race over these last few weeks and everytime I reads new story, it breaks my heart even more.
Even though this is a work of fiction, the real world implications hit hard as a young black man be tired out into the world and feels the brutal reality because of the colour of his skin.
From how they’re treated is school to multiple police encounters, this is not a life to be wished on for anyone and even though the world is trying to eradicate racism, the struggle is not over yet.
The first line in the final chapter (epilogue) got to me because sometimes you expect the worst.
It’s a quick read that I would definitely recommend because of the story and what it stands for.

Rated 10/10
Melina L. 🦄

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