The Threat Below

‘The greatest pain is the love you leave behind.’

After living for 300 years on the Mountaintop, those who survived the threat below find that the little water supply they have is being poisoned.
Sent on an expedition to find out why, Icelyn finds herself on this journey unexpectedly, but everything happens for a reason.
Along with unlikely companions, Icelyn uncovers the secret of her ancestors and the threat below.
The Threat Below is a fantasy, dystopian, adventure novel by J.S. Latshaw and the first in the series.
One of the major things I love about this book is the worldbuilding because this whole story is an adventure so the more we venture into the book, the more the world expands.
My favourite part of the story, (the one that had me impressed) was a certain flashback that made me wonder will this be our future if an ‘event’ like this is currently taking place or will take place without our knowledge? (using ‘event’ as a VERY generic term since I can’t think of another term, whatever you’re trying to guess it means, it doesn’t 😂.)
I was also surprised that for a fantasy novel, the focus on religion as one of the sub-genres was interesting and unexpected.
Coming to the main character, Icelyn, honestly she’s not my favourite. I was more annoyed with her throughout the book than I thought I would be. She was written well as a character to suit the story, but I just didn’t like her because her personality irks me.
My biggest annoyance was having to read through multiple POVs because each chapter is a different POV, and I understand the need for different POVs in this instance, but some of them being so short and some talking about irrelevant instances in the book only lengthens the story without need (Or they could have been merged into one chapter).
The POVs also shift between first and third person so that was not fun.
The overall story was not amazing, but still over average for me because of certain unique elements but if written and compiled better I would have enjoyed it more.
Overall, the book is lengthy, but if fantasy or dystopian is something you are interested in, it won’t take long to finish.

Rated 7.5/10
Melina L.

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