The Weight On Skin

β€œA hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.”

Months after the love of his life passed away, Kabir is still finding it hard to live in a world without her, a world without Red.
Everywhere he goes he sees her and finds it difficult to move on but as he starts to tackle her To Do list for him, he starts to get a grip back on reality and the people he’s cut out from him life.
Can she save him before it’s too late?
The Weight on Skin is the Sequel to Beena Khan’s novel, The Name of Red.
This book was so much more better than its predecessor because,
1. While the story is still leaning towards romance, it’s got a lot more elements mixed in (like forgiveness and redemption).
2. The writing is definitely a step up and as much as I loved the characters in the first book, I think through all the trauma and and the heartbreak Kabir seems to be a Phoenix that is rising for the ashes again and again.
3. We get to learn a lot more about Kabir’s past including his relationships with Wafa and Nadia and his childhood which made me realize that there are small Easter eggs that may seem insignificantin the first book but are vital to who he is and why Red means do muchto him.
4. Nadia has a more important role in this book and even though she’s sometimes potrayed as the lovesick best friend, from what we learn about their relationship pre-Red, she’s a huge part of why he’s even half the man he is today.
5. This book can also be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the first book to get more insight into their relationship.
What was a bit disappointing was even though the writing was good the story was boring at times and certain areas could have been omitted and still maintained the eesnce of the book.

Rated 9/10
Melina L. πŸ¦„

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