The Hidden Gem In India: Old Manali by Jayant Jayneel!

Now I know love is defined in many ways, but no matter how many times one falls in love, even if intently and at first sight, no one can fall in love as instantly and profoundly as I fell for Old Manali.

Some plans are not meant to work, only for the unexpected plans to materialize. Manali was supposed to be a one-time thing, just a hook up, one damn date, that is it. When did it become the love of my life? When did I tie the knot with it? When did it become my family? Why does my soul speak so much of the place? Let’s find out this uncanny and mysterious journey of adventure, survival and mysterious encounters.


The Hidden Gem In India: Old Manali by Jayant Jayneel is the author’s tale of travelling through this gem and savouring every minute of it. He talks about every place visited, and the people he’s met in the district which gives it a very ‘in the moment’ feel as we travel along with them and we get a sense of why he’s fallen in love with the place so much he’s made multiple visits over the years. I’ve never been to Old Manali before, neither have I read much about it, so I when I read this book I went in with no prior knowledge or perception whatsoever. So, reading about it gave me a sense of wonderment. Although, activities like trekking are not my cup of tea, I may be persuaded enough ti enjoy the sights.
The author does not only talk about the places he’s visited. He also goes into detail about every piece of food including every cup of that they consumed and even though it may not seem like much, it makes your mouth water with the anticipation to taste everything one day.
If you scroll to the next slide I’ve included an example of the pictures that have been included so as to give a more realistic experience to a reader. Hopefully, I can go to Old Manali one day because the author’s experiences have persuaded me to add another location to my every growing list of places to visit.

Rated 9/10
Melina L. 🦄

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