Who Am I by Kalpesh Suryavanshi!

The ‘I’ is emotional, it is sometimes sad or happy. The ‘I’ is intellectual & sometimes stupid. The ‘I’ is young but then it also gets old.

Who Am I is an essay by Kalpesh Suryavanshi that looks into the question from the four perspectives; scientific, religious, spiritual & psychological. This isn’t a self-help book, but more focused on opening your mind to think differently. The question ‘who am I’ is known for being a complex question because everyone does not know the answer to it on a deeper level.

One of my favourite parts of the book ia this sentence:

You are your body,
You are your job,
You are the clothes you wear,
You are the personality you have,
You are the name you have,
You are the life you lived.

Because we’re not one dimensional people and even though sometimes we feel like we’re ‘nothing’, we are so much more than that.
Overall, it’s a good book for a one time read to understand the author’s perspective to the ever looming question, but it may also make you understand some of the questions you have about yourself without even trying to.

Rated 8/10
Melina L. 🦄

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