Author Interview: B. Truly!

Talking to author, B. Truly!



1. Tell me (and the readers) a little bit about yourself, including a quirk that you have.

A. I am more of a homebody, but I never get bored at home. I always have plenty to do between social media, watching TV, reading, and writing my own books. Actually, I feel like I never have enough time at home to do everything I want. I choose my leisure activities, depending on what I’m in the mood for.
For outings, I like going to the movies, having book meets with my author buddies, and hanging out with my friends and family.

2. How did the idea for your book, come about?

A. As a teen my favorite author was V.C. Andrews. She is best known for Flowers in the Attic, but my favorite series from her were actually, the Dawn and Heaven series. I also loved My Sweet Audrina.
I was inspired to write a book about dark family secrets and betrayal. Reading V. C. Andrews sparked the idea of a young woman coming into her own, and all the tribulations she went through.

3. What was the most enjoyable and stressful part about writing this book?

A. The most enjoyable part was creating engaging and conflicting plots for my characters to go through. The most frustrating part was when I came across contradicting things, and I had to figure out how to make them work.

4. Who was the first person you asked to read your book after it was ready and why them?

A. I let a girl from 11th grade named Angela read the original handwritten version of the book. I don’t know how we got on the topic of it, but she was fascinated that I had written a novel at our age, and she asked me to read it.

5. Are you planning to release another book anytime soon?

A. Yes. I plan to release Thorn of Secrets, the 2nd book in the series the 1st week of February 2022.

6. If you could venture into a different genre, which would you choose to write on?

A. I plan to release a psychological thriller that I’m working on in the near future. I’ve never written in that genre before, but I think it’s a very intriguing and creative one. You really must brainstorm to create a great psycho-thriller.

7. Did you always know you wanted to be a published author/poet?

A. Yes, for the most part. I knew I wanted to become a published author by the time I was 15 years old and wrote the original version of Scorn of Secrets, 27 years ago.

8. Did you look up to any author or poet while growing up?
A. V.C. Andrews and Stephen King were the authors that I looked up to as a teen.

9. I’ve always talked about this, but if your book was made into a movie, who would you want to play the main characters?

A. For Madison Guillory I envision Amandla Stenberg or Yara Shahidi.
For Justin—Jackson, my vote is Trevor Jackson.

10. Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there?

A. If you love writing, then don’t give up on it. Your story deserves to see the light of day. Write when you’re inspired. If you bump into writer’s block, then put your story aside until other ideas come to mind.
If you would like to become self-published, then your dream of becoming an author can come true through Amazon & Kindle Direct Publishing.

Scorn of Secrets is the first book in the coming of age YA Urban series, My Darkest Secret by B. Truly. It’s a story that has you hooked, however it’s also very sad and was very hard to get through because of its contents.
This book is the definition of a rollercoaster because on one hand when things are going good, you know at the back of your mind something really devastating is about to happen and when it does you’ll need to put the book down, because that’s what I did because I started crying. What Madison goes through is something we don’t wish upon our biggest of enemies.
The author has a way with words and their writing absolutely captivated because it doesn’t dwell far from reality even though it’s fiction and the way it draws you in because you can feel so much of hurt, anger and sadness for Madison is unlike any other.
Talking about realism, even the characters feel authentic, like they belong to our world (and unfortunately the scummiest of them do) but, even the one’s that are genuinely loving. My feelings for Madison sister is one that I have conflicting feelings for because I know people like her exist, I just wished they didn’t.
Overall, I loved this book a lot, however I would say to read it with great caution especially if you’ve been a victim of sexual assault. And always remember, you’re never alone! Even if you feel like the world is against you in your darkest days, there will always be someone to be there for you.


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