i4i How To Become A Superhero by Matthew Lengyel!

What happened to you that led you onto this path? Did you fall into a toxic chemical plant? Get experimented on by a mad scientist?

Ian Newman has always dreamed of being a superhero. But he’s just a short, goodie-two-shoe germaphobe. When he butts heads with Jericka Cannon, a smart-ass anarcho-pacifist at his high school, he’s convinced he’s found his future sidekick. Yet they couldn’t be more different, and shit goes south when they get caught up in a tit-for-tat struggle with their not-so-friendly neighborhood bullies. The next thing they know, Ian and Jericka find themselves trapped in a dirty LA River aqueduct, and there’s blood on their hands.As the LAPD open an investigation, the two teens cover up their crimes and form an unlikely partnership, the “i4i Vigilantes,” enacting comparative justice in their community in the hopes of righting wrongs [possibly their own]. Yet real life is no comic book, nothing is black and white, and all their deeds and sins are leading them towards an inevitable day of bullets and bloodshed at Victory High. Will they survive to see their own graduation day, or will the blurred line between hero and villain consume them?

i4i: How To Become A Superhero is a crime, thriller and mystrey novel by Matthew Lengyel. I loved this book because not only is it fast paced and gets your adrenaline pumping, the author’s writing style makes you feel like you’re watching a movie play out. The book’s around 500 pages, but when I tell you that I soared through it like it’s nobody’s business, I’m not kidding. It’s got so much intensity and drama, I loved it. The way the story progresses is absolutely incredible because there’s always this moment before something ‘new’ happens that feels like the calm before a storm.
I loved the (morally grey) characters because you want to understand where they’re coming from but them you’ve got a part of your brain going “THIS IS WRONG” so there’s a lot of conflicted feelings till the very end. Surprisingly, I was more interested in Ian and Jerika’s past because they’re both inherently different, but the minor similarities that has them on this new ‘path’ was interesting since they both grew up in different environments and have opposite personalities.
One criticism I do have is, there are certain chapters that take away from the overall feel of the book because (like I’ve said before) this is a fast paced book, but you have moment that seem to go on forever even if it’s just a page or two. (I wouldn’t normally stress on something that seems trivial but it did leave a big enough impact on my experience to remember it).
But overall, if you’re into this genre, it’s definitely a book for you because you’ll be done with a snap of a finger because this is not your typical superhero book. Far from it!

Rated 8/10
Melina L. 🦄

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