Will I Rhyme For Diapers by Matt Strain!

I’ve taken six years of karate,
Ten years of Tae-Kwon-Do.
I will fence Olympic champions,
And paralyze a man with my toe.
I’m a skilled ninja fighting machine;
In the ring I am immune.
But these skills appear to be useless
When feeding my daughter by spoon.

Will Rhyme For Diapers is a satirical poetry book by Matt Strain that follows the life of new parents with their baby. I’m not a mother yet, but his poems made me laugh and have also put a little bit of fear into my heart for what is (possibly) going to be part of my future. When I reached the poem about changing the 32nd diaper for the day I was crying with laughter….and then it hit me faster than a speeding bullet that this book is the true representation of what parenthood will look like and that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns (well….maybe unicorn poo 😂).
But put aside my new-found appreciation for what parents have to go through, this is one of those books that I’m going to be gifting to all my friends on their baby shower just to scare them a tiny bit! (Yes, I am that mean!)
It’s absolutely hilarious, but truthful at the same time so it does not sugarcoat what it really means to be a parent!!

Rated 10/10
Melina L. 🦄

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