Author Interview: Shaymi Shah!


1. Tell me (and the readers) a little bit about yourself, including a quirk that you have.

A. I am a creative writer by passion. Having
studied Architecture for my Bachelor’s degree, I gained many different perspectives and a developed a critical way of looking at the world around me. It taught me to be observant and notice things rather than simply see them.

I am not a born writer but a cultivated
one. Fascinated with my everyday world I began writing insights on my daily observations, goaded by my own experiences. Time and again I have attempted to find meaning in the simpler things, to find joy in the ordinary through my writing.

2. How did the idea for your book, come about?

A. I primarily write fiction and poetry.
I began writing for my blog four years ago.

Since last year when the lockdown began,
I had been writing on various themes for different Anthologies.

But when it came to writing my own book
of poems I decided to take up a topic that has been the subject of my observation for a very long time. Whether it’s a mind block that I am facing or simply a feeling of distress, I have somehow always found inspiration in the company of nature.

Whether I am travelling around the city
or sitting in the garden of my house, nature always intrigues me. I feel like it has too many stories to tell but hardly anyone to listen to them.

So I decided it was time to hear them
out and tell the world about the realizations and lessons I learnt from it.

3. What was the most enjoyable and stressful part about writing this book?

A. The exciting part about the book was
how I spontaneously decided to take up the challenge to write for 20 days and fortunately actually finished it within the timeline.

Honestly, it wasn’t very stressful. I
have always been a very process oriented person. I enjoy the journey as well as the moment of reaching the destination. Similarly, there were times when I would end up rewriting the poems a couple of times, but each time it would get better- and that was very

4. Who was the first person you asked
5. to read your book after it was ready and why them?

My husband, Urmil Shah has been the most
supportive throughout the time that I wrote this book. I would read out the poems as soon as they were written and he would give me suggestions or tell me if something didn’t seem right. He has always been the best judge for my work.

5. Are you planning to release another book anytime soon?

A. I do want to write a book of short stories
but I am not sure yet. I am working on it at the moment.

6. If you could venture into a different genre, which would you choose to write on?

A. It would be thriller or mystery, without
a doubt.

7. Did you always know you wanted to
be a published author/poet?

A. I didn’t know that. But when I look back,
a lot of influences from little things have played a huge role in making me believe and decide to pursue writing.

8. Did you look up to any author or poet while growing up?

A. To be honest, I wasn’t ever a hardcore
reader as such but I absolutely loved books by Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Agatha Christie and a few more. I also took up a course by Ruskin Bond recently wherein he gives insights into the life of a writer in the real world.

10. Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there?

A. I would like to tell them a few things-

If you believe in what you want to write
about and the message you want to give to your readers, just put it down and tell it to the world, without the fear of judgement. The ones who want to talk are going to talk about it anyway. The good thing is that they ARE IN FACT talking about it at all. It
means you left an imprint on their minds in some way.

Learn to welcome criticism and accept
failure and rework.

Never fall in love with your work. There
will be times when you would have to discard your ideas completely or they wouldn’t work as well as a story on paper as they did in your head. It’s okay. Learn to let it go and begin again.

To become a writer, make sure you are
ready to become a reader first. Read more books. That is the only thing that will help you keep your creative juices flowing, even in times when you aren’t able to write.

Be patient. Remember that if you want
to pursue writing full time, it is going to be a slow success but it will be totally worth it because the primary thing you would have invested in it would be your own time to do something that you love to do, for yourself.



My Glass Are Turquoise Tinted is a poetry book by Shaymi Shah thats centred around the use of the beauty of nature to talk about how we as humans are so used to a fast paced life that we don’t take a moment to breathe, look around us and enjoy the moment. Whether it’s in nature or having a conversation with someone you love. In a world where we look for everything and anything ‘instagrammable’, there’s beauty in the small moments around us but we’re just too distracted to see.
My favourite poem is Beauty, because of one stanza that talks about how beautiful nature is no matter what time of the year it is, and when you think about it, it’s true! Whether nature is blossoming with different flowers and leaves or covered in snow, it looks absolutely breathtaking!
Overall, I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who needs to take a step back, whether you’re a poetry lover or not.


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