Author Interview: Stacy Shaneyfelt!


1. Tell me (and the readers) a little bit about yourself, including a quirk that you have.

First, I am a proud working and globetrotting mother to two sassy and smart girls, ages 4 and 6.5. I presently work as a freelance editor, writer, and proofreader on several online platforms and also tutor ESL privately in my city. I reside with husband and children in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

After traveling to 74 countries (yes, I am totally nerdy enough to count!), I have developed a passion and respect for cultures, social justice, and adventure. As a former classroom English and Drama educator, I add educational, creative, and socioemotional themes within my books. I am also a cat mamasita to three sweet fur babies.

Finally, my biggest quirks include performing dramatic voices for my books’ characters, thinking in terms of song allusions, as well as my left-handedness.

2. How did the idea for your book, come about?
Upon serving as a ghostwriter behind the scenes for hundreds of clients, I decided to write my own book in Jan. 2021 for my daughters. In fact, they are the actual characters in The ABCs of Night-Time. The book is also a fusion of my life, daydreams, and travels.

3. What was the most enjoyable and stressful part about writing this book?
The most enjoyable was the collaboration with Ksenjiia, the talented Latvian artist. The most stressful part was formatting and marketing.

4. Who was the first person you asked to read your book after it was ready and why them?
My husband was my first beta reader because he is the most logical thinker of our partnership, so I knew that he would deliver an honest and critical perspective.

5. Are you planning to release another book anytime soon?
Yes, I’m launching book 28 today! Please support Adoption and Foster Care, an issue that resonates deeply within my heart. Kindly give major kudos to Xenia B. for the stunning art in this special book.

Sadie The Icelandic Seal Learns to Feel: A Children’s Tale Of Trust, Adoption, Family, and Attachment

6. If you could venture into a different genre, which would you choose to write on?
Magical realism

7. Did you always know you wanted to be a published author/poet?
No, I always intended to be a teacher for life, but life is all about embracing changes and riding those waves of uncertainty. While I greatly miss my former students and colleagues, I love my newfound Book Buzz family around the world!

8. Did you look up to any author or poet while growing up?
I was an Emily Dickinson fangirl while growing up.

9. Lastly, do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there?
Find your tribe. Don’t try to do it alone. Proactively seek others as beta readers, artistic collaborators, and bookworm believers!


Review of one of Stacey’s many books:

DJ Sound Hound’s Dance Party: An Onomatopoeia Concert is an illustrated children’s book by Stacey Shaneyfelt and Yago Soares. Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named. Containing 30+ examples of onomatopoeias, this hilariously engaging book will introduce your child to a new type of figurative device that they may be using in their daily life but don’t even realize it. Mixed with references to American pop culture, this book is sure to get your child in the groove and fully engrossed in learning something new while still enjoying the comedic illustrations. It’ll bring a smile to the face of any parent or guardian as well as it contains a little trip down memory lane as we reminisce artists that we ourselves grew up with and view them in such a ‘fascinating’ light!


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