The Betrothed

The most valuable thing you can own is the assurance of your place in someone’s heart.
Lady Hollis lived in the Castle her whole life and is all but betrothed to the King who is the most desirable bachelor in the Kingdom.
The King that once moved from girl to girl has finally settled on someone he truly cares about.
But as the day of the proposal draws near, Hollis finds herself falling for another.
Which is true love?
The Betrothed is the first book in the series by Kiera Cass.
Let’s start with the pros first:
– If you like mushy romances with nothing eventful this is a great book.
– Hollis has a few good qualities.
– The (almost) ending was the best part about the book but it still didn’t feel right. – There are a couple of side characters I liked better than the main characters.


-I don’t like Hollis because she feels drab, uninspiring, bland and does takes the stupidest decision sometimes (like making her best friend’s bully a lady in waiting).
She fawns over the King like a lost puppy which was just ick and then she fawns over another man who she’s met fewer number of times than the fingers on my hands which was just more ick.

– Her friendship with Delia Grace is TOXIC and she should run as far away from her as possible. – The ‘romance’ between Hollis and Silas is non-existent. The king has some major issues himself but at least his love for Hollis was borderline genuine. (None of the guys were worth any of Hollis’ time. One’s a pig and the other was just boring.)

– Nora went from being the bad girl to a friend in a matter of MINUTES (smh). She would have made for a great antagonist or used in a plot twist which was just a waste.
Basically all the characters were not used upto their full potential.

– The overall story is monotone and boring with a twist dropped at the end just so that everyone gets the next book to see what happens (if they lasted till the end of the book).
I liked the Selection series better. At least those characters felt like they had souls, and there was something going on to make it interesting.
Rated 3/10
Melina L.

Our Second Child

Was it the beach that the bar opened up to, or the sheer joy that people found once they were inside those magical walls, or was it the nostalgia that had been building for over seventy years.
Jake and Mara Rockman have lived an amazing life together as spouses, parents and grandparents.
But when Jake was diagnosed with cancer he fought hard to beat it but now that he knows his end is near, he wants to spend the remaining time he has with his family.
This is not just Jake’s story, but the story of the Rossman’s.
Our Second Child is a fictional book by John Rossman.
There’s so much I could say about this book but I have no words. The ending had me bawling in tears even though I knew it was coming.
You think TFIOS or Me Before You is sad?
Try reading about a married couple who have gone through thick and thin together and now they know are going to be separated by death.
He wanted to give her what she wanted the most but couldn’t and that made it even more sad.
It is a bit slow paced at the beginning but, he characters are relatable, the situation is realistic and the emotions are true.
Anything else I say will not do this book justice.
Rated 9.5/10
Melina L.

Beyond Dreams

She was holding a knife with a long blade in her hand. I couldn’t see her face. I started to scream, and then, rushing toward a vortex of light, I came back to my senses.
After being plagued my a series of nightmares, Gulia an art student finds herself mixed up in a cocktail of bad choices.
From drugs to sex, Gulia needs to get herself out if this mess before she hurts herself and the people around her.
But first she needs to dig deep and find out why she’s getting these nightmares and how is she able to interact with them?

Beyond Dreams is a suspenseful psychological thriller by Carlotta Amerio.
I don’t know if I would call this the perfect psych-thriller, but it’s almost there.
This book is focused on dealing with repressed memories and how those memories affect a person’s mental health and the consequences of not dealing with it in the right manner.
It has a great storyline to it with Gulia’s dreams perfectly meshing with real life and trying to tell her a story, the way the story was told could have been better because it’s supposed to have anΒ  element of suspense but it was still good enough.
The ending had me a bit confused but after a re-read of the last few chapters I think I understand what was going on.
I do believe that this was a great effort in the psych-thriller drama and maybe with a little bit more effort and experience we might see even better books from the author in the future.

Rated 8/10
Melina L.

Blind Sympathy

Could you love a monster?

Vafara is a blind woman, currently living alone in a cabin far away rom the city to get some alone time. Her faithful dog Cooper is always by her side.
Israfel is a demon from hell who’s last assignment is to possess Vafara before he can graduate from Demonic Colloquium after a 10 year course.
For some reason the Dignitary has assigned Vafara as a target for possession as his “special assignment” even though he finds nothing special about a blind woman. Israel is at the top of his class so he accepts the assignment. But the question still lingers…what makes her so special?

So, a few days ago I posted about this book on my stories because I loved it so much. Honestly I wasnt expecting to because I’m not a big fan of paranormal novels but this book had the perfect balance if paranormal and romance. This book is the literal definition of the quote ‘love is blind’. Vafara and Israfel lives intervine perfectly and the way she she brings the ongoings of Heaven, Hell and Earth together is phenomenal. By the end I was an emotional wreck and the epilogue was UNEXPECTED but very bittersweet. I have no complaints about this book except that I wish I could erase my memory and read it all over again.

Rated 150/100.

Contact me to buy this book.

Melina L.

Trey the Chef

“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”
~O. Ivar Lovaas

Trey the Chef is a short sweet story about Trey a boy with autism who loves to cook. With his support from his family he views his autism as a gift from God rather than a hurdle.
Because if his autism he is able to cook delicious food and have a focused mind and a keen eye.
This book is an amazing read for little children to learn about mental illness.
Although it is really short it’s colourful drawings and delicious recipes that a child can learn to cook from makes it a great read.

Trey’s wonderful mother is the author of this book and I would really appreciate it if you’ll could show your support to Trey by purchasing this book or even following them.

I rate it a 75/100.
Contact me to purchase this book.
Melina L.

Stumbling Through Adulthood

Stumbling Through Adulthood by Vivian Olodun is a book of short stories for adults. They are stories from the author’s own past. She is an entrepreneur and a boss Lady and this is her story.

It’s divided into:
– School and Education
– Jobs And Adulting
– Friends and Family
– Lifestyle and Success
– Love and Relationship
– Final Thoughts

This book is perfect for anyone looking to have a better life and mindset. This book makes you question every decision you make, whether it’s really a good choice for the future or just an impulse of the present.
The physical book is more interactive with illustrations (I’ve heard but I’m not sure) but the ebook only has the stories and worksheets at the end of each section which helps you answer questions and reflect m such as: what sacrifices are you willing to make to help someone you love succeed?
Another thing that the book accomplishes is that it shows how much writing your thoughts in a diary can help your mental state.

I rate this book 80/100.
Melina L.

The Travel Guide for Broken Hearts

“Oh it is good to see you old friend. Show Me what you’ve learned.”

A young performer experiences heartbreak and is separated from the man she loves.
During this time she also gets a chance to travel the world.
In this small book of poetry we get to experience her emotions as she travels through different countries from Norway to Barcelona and how she got out of her sadness by finding solace in travelling.
She also turns to God to help heal her broken heart and help her get rid of her sadness.
The language used is slightly more complex but still remains relatable.
The Travel Guide For Broken Hearts is a great book for anyone experiencing heartbreak and needs a boost.
Just a little bit of self-love and inner peace can go a long way.

I rate this book a 83/100
Melina L.

A Drop of You

What is that I feel? My vagabond heart questions. The more it searches the less it finds.

A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri is a romance novel. Karma falls badly in love with Ghazal and wins her heart by wooing her with clichΓ© love songs and poems. Diana is his childhood best friend and he has been with her through thick and thin.
But, she is also in love with him a d this creates a love triangle between the three of them.
A small misunderstanding created by a friend leads to heartbreak, confusion and a tragedy. Who will Karma choose as his one true love? Does “one true love” really exist?

My opinions on this book:
1. The writing style of this book reminds me if Shakespeare for some reason. The conversations between characters is elaborate a d complex, something you rarely find in the 21st century.
I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as one conversation drags on forever and it gets boring to read when we already understand what they are trying to say to each other.

2. There are verses of songs and poetry, some of which are in Hindi but the author includes the entire translation of it in English as well which is a plus point for me.

3. I always have a problem with romance novels that are mushy and unrealistic. This is borderline mushy. But it’s just my personal opinion because when I read parts where guys profess their love for a girl it just makes me cringe or laugh. If you really like romance novels this book is for you.

4. I don’t really like any of the characters because they seem non-relatable. At first I really like Diana but as I got to learn more about her and the way sh is my opinion changed.

5. I don’t know why the book ended the way it did because there was nothing that should have caused it to end that way and I’m disappointed.


I rate this book a 65/100.

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