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Think Yourself Confident by Nathalie Plamondon Thomas!

Think Yourself Confident: 15 Keys To Increase Confidence, Ignite Performance & Unlock Uour Full Potential is a part of the Think Yourself series by Nathalie Plamondon Thomas.

The author shares her personal story and case studies to teach readers how to improve their self-confidence using basic steps. The book does an excellent job of breaking down the process of building self-confidence into easy-to-understand steps, providing examples and exercises to help readers apply the concepts to their own lives.

The book starts by addressing how stress and the environment can impact our self-esteem. The author provides solutions to common issues such as feeling undeserving of success or not living up to our potential, by teaching readers to make small changes in their thinking and behavior.

Although not all advice in the book may work for everyone, the baby steps taken can make significant changes in a person’s life. Overall, I found this to be a well-rounded book that covers all the basic things a person needs to know to show more love to themselves.

Rated 7.5/10
Melina L. 🐾


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